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The Great Divides

"Some of them are resenting what they see as Arab imperialism and feeling vestiges of pride in their Malay heritage which is largely derived from Hindu/Bhuddist influences (think Bali).

An excerpt: 'You are a shame to the Malay race for saying that the Arabs are smarter than us. Arabs with all the money and oil in the world, cannot even educate their own. Most smart Arabs are living in Bushland the USA/ England. If you love Tantawi so much, why don't you migrate to Saudi? Nearer the stone what....Oh yes to the rest of the Malays who wants to be Arabs, the ARAB RELIGION is nothing more than piagarisation of the religions of the Middle East, mainly Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism and pagan stone worship all in one...So Melayu, get out of your blind stupor and hypnosis by the Arabs and start living a life, for GOD's sake...It is as though there is an awakening from the shackles of the Arabs and the lies that they attribute to GOD are slowly being exposed and eroded. To all those Melayus who wants to be Arabs, we are watching you from afar. Why watching from afar, because whatever bad that happens to you is because of your own doing and we, the Melayus who do not want to worship stones, have nothing to do with it.'"
-- from a reader in reference to this article

The resentment of non-Arab Muslims for Arab Muslims, so far limited only to the most farseeing and intelligent, should be encouraged in every way. For this is one of the three Great Divides in the Camp of Islam. The two others are: the Sectarian Divide between Sunni and Shi'a (adherents of Ibadiya Islam are far too few to matter), and the Economic Divide between the oil-and-gas rich Muslim states, especially those around the Persian Gulf, and the poor Muslim states, such as Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and that pseudo-polity and pseudo-people known as the "Palestinian Authority" and the "Palestinian people." The latter group of states and pretend-states have been allowed to come to rely entirely, as their due, both received and given in the spirit of the Jizyah-tribute paid as protection money by non-Muslims to Muslim masters in Dar al-Islam, on foreign aid from Western Europe and North America.

So it would be good for this theme to be repeated by intelligent Muslims, exercising their quasi-freedom of speech in the period before the full darkness of Shari'a descends, during that soomerki svobody, that Twilight of Freedom, for which a melancholic and mandelshtamian note is apposite, appropriate, a positive killer app. Hard to believe that Malalya was, in the early 1950s, not at all a center of Islamic madness, that the Malayan rebellion put down by the British was Communist in its promptings, and that Malaya, or later Malaysia, had not yet succumbed to the steady demographic conquest by Muslims that has been the most important development in the history of the area. Hard to believe, too, that just fifty years ago, in Singapore, the leading political figure among the local labour movement, the man who became the Chief Minister of Singapore following independence, was David Marshall, from a well-known family of Iraqi Jews (formerly located in Mumbai, quondam Bombay, where one of them even had as a fellow classmate young Bhutto, in the pre-Pakistani period of his existence), similar in their histories, if not quite as famous, as the Sassoons and the Kadouries who left Baghdad (in the 1920s, the second Jewish city of Asia, after Jerusalem), and established themselves in Hong Kong and, almost as an aside, also became the founding fathers of that city now seen as the embodiment of modern China, Shanghai.

On a different note, some will recognize in the seemingly unremarkable phrase "the two others are" an echo of the list of unpublishable themes enumerated in "On a Book Entitled 'Lolita'" and wonder if the poster (HF) meant it deliberately. He did. Indeed he did.