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The Venerable David Gunn-Johnson explains it all to us

A reader just sent this to me. It really is creepy. Ignorance knows no bounds.

This is Thought for the Day from the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. The speaker is Venerable David Gunn-Johnson, Archdeacon of Barnstaple (in Devon in the far south west of England). 1min 15 he starts talking about Islam. He tells the story of how "pilgrims" came to visit (on their Haj!!!) and he let them stay in the church hall. Sounds a lot to me like Muslim's praying in a place to turn it into a place of worship and claim it for Allah... He also mentions what all the trees and blades of grass will do at the end of days: I'm sure they didn't explain to to him how they'll scream out about the Jews!