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Teaching the children

The Israeli army finds propaganda in south Lebanon, and announces its find. And no doubt there will be a sharing of such information with Western governments as to how Hezbollah brainwashes children, enrolling them as recruits for Hezbollah, the Army of Allah.

But the IDF did not have to seek such material in southern Lebanon. It is on every wall in Gaza, in every school room in the Arab-occupied parts of Judea and Samaria (the "West Bank"). Glorification of suicide-bombers, of murder of Jews, of murder of anyone who gets in the way, including suspected "collaborators" shot in the middle of town-squares and their bodies then kicked and mutilated to the delighted screams of the assembled spectators, including "Palestinian" children. And "Palestinian" television has children's shows in which the cutest little boys and girls are taught to sing songs about suicide-bombing, and when a little boy explains that when he grows up he wants to be a "shahid" the teacher-on-stage-set praises him for his proud choice.

But what it all comes back to is not the deliberate brainwashing of children to become suicide bombers or warriors for Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad (name your Muslim poison). What it comes back to is what was suddenly discovered by Western reporters just a few years ago, that in the textbooks of Saudi Arabia (and by the way, in the textbooks of Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, and many Muslim states) are to be found blood-curdling statements about non-Muslims. But those statements were not new; they were always in the Saudi textbooks. What was new was that at long last what would seem to have been the most obvous thing to inquire into -- what are children taught in Saudi Arabia - was simply off-limits, not a subject of inquiry.

Why not? Was it the decades of Aramco propaganda, that prevented any investigation of the nature of Saudi Arabia? Any intelligent expatriate worker, or for that matter any member of the American airforce in Saudi Arabia during the past decade, knows of the contempt, even open hostility, expressed by so many Saudis toward Infidels (the Saudis seldom need to employ those oleaginous wiles that come so naturally to others who need or want American aid, military and economic), including Americans. Was it the succession of ambassadors, from low-end James Akins, to high-end Richard Murphy, all of whom have ignored, have chosen to ignore, or are too lazy now to find out about, the most important subject of all -- Islam? Was it the army of Western hirelings, which naturally came to include many of those diplomats in their plush retirements, and former intelligence agents (such as Raymond Close) who directly or indirectly pushed the Saudi line, in lectures around the country, in "disinterested" Op/Ed articles, and so on -- and who have yet to face any reckoning with Congressional investigators, or the public, for their traitorous activities in helping to prevent the American govenment from having any sensible energy plan but instead relying for three decades on the pricing-and-production goals of "staunch ally Saudi Arabia."

I'd make them testify under oath. I'd find out who has been getting what, directly and indirectly, from Arab sources. I'd have Congress and the press hold them up for ridicule, so that in the next few decades, we won't have our energy policy continue to be made by those who have a paid stake in making us not see Saudi Arabia as a malevolent force, intent on using large parts of its oil revenues to fund various instruments of Jihad. I'd make them -- all of them -- disgorge their profits, and if some of them have already died, rich in honors, respectable men, with respectful obituaries, I'd see if anything could be done to recover from their heirs and assigns.