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13 people shot at Azerbaijan's prestigious oil training institute.

Whatever the motive transpires to be my gut reaction at the moment is that this is not a personal grudge incident, tragic for the individual families bereaved but of no wider significance.
From Novosti - Russian News and Information
BAKU, April 30 (RIA Novosti) - Thirteen people were killed and 11 wounded when at least one gunman opened fire at the State Oil Academy in Azerbaijan's capital on Thursday, the country's health ministry said.
One gunman, later identified as a Georgian national, opened fire at the academy and then shot himself, the ANS channel reported. Other reports said two gunmen were involved in the attack.
The gunman was reported to have killed a security guard and cleaner after entering the academy and continued shooting indiscriminately at students and staff from a Makarov pistol while going up a staircase.
The Interior Ministry said the police operation had ended, promising to release details of the incident later.
Television reports said Azerbaijani, Turkish and Syrian nationals were among the dead. The academy is a major international center training oil industry specialists.
The Trend News Agency of Azerbaijan says
The shooting at the second building of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy which killed over 10 people is not directed to undermine the country's public-political life, Azerbaijani Presidential Administration's Public-Political Department Head Ali Hasanov told journalists on April 30.
"Such incidents take place in many countries," he said.
Hasanov said necessary measures are being taken to investigate the crime at the moment.
Trend has a casualty list of some of the men and women killed and injured here. 
Sky News concludes
The Azeri Press Agency quoted a senior police official as saying the "terrorists" had been neutralised.
Police special forces and ambulances rushed to the scene and access roads were closed.
One gunman is believed to be a student at the academy, said Mursal Gamidov, head of the Baku ambulance service.
Another student said: "As far as I know there were two terrorists," he said. "One of them committed suicide and another was arrested by police."