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4 killed in assassination attempt on Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands

From Dutch News
Four people were killed and 13 injured, five seriously, when a black car drove through barricades and headed for a bus carrying the royal family during the Queen's Day celebrations in Apeldoorn.
The car veered away from the open bus carrying queen Beatrix, crown prince Willem-Alexander and other members of the royal family and ploughed into a obelix, known locally as the needle.
Police said the driver, who was seriously injured, is a 38-year-old white Dutch national. The attack appeared to be deliberate, police said at a news conference on Thursday afternoon. However, there is no indication that the driver acted together with any people or that there is any terrorist motive for the attack.  How do they know that yet?
Police said the man was not known to the police nor was he believed to have contact with the mental health services. But 'the initial contact' with the man before he was cut out of the car indicated this was a 'deliberate act', police said.
The festivities in Apeldoorn, which should have included a traditional file past, were immediately cancelled.
As usual the Daily Mail has the most pictures here.