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Helen Shapiro and Lulu terlude

I could have called this a 14 year old girl interlude but don't want to attract the wrong type.
Listening to
Leanne Rimes at the age of 14 earlier reminded me of Helen Shapiro, a local girl to me, who had several hits of which my favourite was Walking Back to Happiness in 1961 when she was 14. Three years later she covered the Peggy Lee song Fever which wasn't such a big hit but which I think is one of her best records of that period.
Helen Shapiro - Walking Back To Happiness (1961)This is her singing Walking Back to Happiness live on a TV set designed to look like a classroom. I remember those desks. Her chart sucess didn't last long but she had a steady and productive career until retirement.

Some say that her chart popularity decined with the advent of more rock orientated singers and bands in the mid 60s. I'm not so sure - I didn't see Lulu as her rival, just something different.
Lulu is Scottish, real name Marie Macdonald McLoughlin Lawrie, lulu shout 1965 ready steady godescribed by her manager as 'A lulu of a kid'. She and her band the Luvvers had their first hit in 1965 when she was aged 15 with a cover of the Isley Brother's Shout. She went solo and  a bit mainstream pop for a few years, Eurovision etc before teaming up with David Bowie for a version of The Man Who Sold the World and she is still performing including festivals Glastonbury and T in the Park. 
I mention Lulu and Helen Shapiro's long careers and  what seems to the onlooker to be relatively happy personal lives because the best young voice I recall belonged to Lena Zavaroni. Now admittedly she really was a child, while Helen Shapiro and Lulu were teenagers not far short of the then school leaving age. Had they not had singing careers in a few months they could (thought this is not to say they definitely would)  have been working in a factory or shop.
Lena Zavaroni suffered poor health and anorexia and died tragically young. I wouldn't wish that on any child.