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Would Jesus approve of Mohammed?

Muslim apologists and Muslims addressing an Infidel audience frequently claim that Jesus is revered in Islam. The apologists are generally ignorant or naive: "Can't we all get along because we worship the same God?" But when believing Muslims say this to non-Muslims they are practising taqiyya, or more accurately kitman, for they are not telling the whole truth. The Muslim "Isa" is not Jesus. First, Isa is not the Son of God, who was crucified and rose again, but merely a prophet. Second, Muslims cannot possibly revere both Jesus (the real one) and Mohammed. One or the other must be the perfect example for mankind - they cannot both be.

I returned after a long absence to Answering Islam, one of the first sites I looked at when I started to question Islam shortly after 9/11, and stumbled across the first of a series of articles by Keith Thompson called "Would Jesus Approve of Mohammed?" The author demonstrates how far Mohammed falls short of the standards set by Jesus:

Would Jesus approve of how Muhammad behaved? Did Muhammad demonstrate that he was of God by following Jesus' command of showing mercy with respect to murder? In the Sunan Abu Dawud we discover that Muhammad did not show mercy at all. Instead, when Muhammad was informed that his followers would kill people for merely talking negatively about him, Muhammad brushed the murders off as if they were nothing - showing he was not a merciful man and that his fruit was not of God.

The hadith is quoted about the killing of the pregnant woman who "slandered" Mohammed, along with the story of the torture of Kinana. Thompson goes on to explain how the command to kill apostates is directly at odds with the mercy shown by Jesus:

In John 6:64-70 when many of Jesus' followers turned their back on him did he order his remaining followers to assassinate them or plot their deaths? No he did not. However, he did let them know that there was an apostate among them, Judas. Did he order them to kill the future apostate? No he did not. >>>more

Anyone, Christian or not, with a smattering of Biblical knowledge, will see the contrast between Jesus and Mohammed. Yet many of the chattering have no such smattering, and will blithely, stupidly and dangerously drivel on about how all religions have good bits and bad bits and about the three Abrahamic faiths and why oh why can't we just get along.

And to answer the question: would Jesus approve of Muhammed? No. Would he forgive him? What do you think?