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Manchester United targeted by Jakarta hotel bombers

From The Times
The Manchester United football team was the target of a bomb attack on the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Jakarta two weeks ago, according to a message posted on the internet purporting to be from Indonesia's most wanted terrorist suspect Noordin Mohammed Top.
The message, in which Malaysian born Noordin claims responsibility for the twin hotel bombings that killed seven people, confirms that the Ritz was targeted by a suicide bomber because it was about to host "the Crusaders" Manchester United who were due to play an exhibition match in Jakarta.
It says the attack was a warning to Indonesians "against the arrival of the soccer club Manchester United" at the hotel.
"These players are Christians, so Muslims should not honour and respect these enemies of Allah," it said. I wish more of them actually were true Christians.
It also refers to the "American chamber of commerce" as a target, apparently confirming that a breakfast meeting of Western businessmen at the Marriott, hosted by US lobbyist James Castle, was specifically targeted. The breakfast meeting suffered heavy fatalities on July 17, with three Australians and a New Zealander killed in the explosions.
"They have major interests in sucking Indonesia's treasure and financing the US army to fight against Muslims and Islam," the message said.
Manchester United abandoned its planned game against an Indonesian all-star side after the bombings. The posting described the team as "salibis", or Christian crusaders, who were unworthy of the support of Muslims.