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A News Oddity Which Needs Interpretation By An Expert But I?ll Do My Best

I was browsing, as one does, at, which is actually, when I came across this article:

Officials in Iran have offered to deliver nuclear fuel to Armenia’s Metsamor nuclear power station, an Armenian regional governor who visited the Islamic Republic recently confirmed on Tuesday.
Ashot Ghahramanian, governor of the southern Armavir region, traveled to Iran’s Western Azerbaijan province and met with its governor, Rahim Qorbani, late last week to discuss ways of boosting ties between the two territories.
“In light of mastering the nuclear enrichment technology… the Islamic Republic of Iran is now ready to provide nuclear fuel for the neighboring countries’ power plants,” “The Tehran Times” daily quoted Qorbani as saying at the meeting.
Ghahramanian confirmed the information, saying that the offer was made after he mentioned the fact that Metsamor is located in Armavir and that the Armenian government plans to replace its aging reactor by a new and more powerful facility by 2017. “I replied that this issue is not within my area of responsibility,” he told RFE/RL. “It is dealt with by the government and the Energy Ministry and can not be a subject of our discussion.”
The Armenian Energy Ministry insisted that it has never discussed the possibility of nuclear fuel supplies from Iranian officials. “Armenia has received no official offers of nuclear fuel supplies from Iran, and no such discussions are taking place at the moment,” said Shakeh Arakelian, a ministry spokeswoman.
The Metsamor plant has received enriched uranium from Russia ever since it was built in the late 1970s. The situation might change after the planned development of Armenia’s uranium reserves by a Russian-Armenian joint venture set up a year ago. Sergei Kirienko, head of Russia’s Federal Agency on Atomic Energy, had said earlier that Armenia could become one of the few countries of the world with a full uranium production cycle from extraction of the metal to its transformation into nuclear fuel.
Iran’s nuclear program has been under international scrutiny over the past decade, with the United States and other Western powers accusing Tehran of seeking to develop nuclear weapons. The Iranian leadership insists that it wants to use atomic energy for only peaceful purposes.
I’ve no idea what this article might mean in terms of Iran’s nuclear abilities but it’s fairly obvious that Iran is attempting to use what nuclear capability it has so far achieved to sow the seeds of strife and dissension and to attempt to divide Armenia from Russia, and the rest of the free world, by offering an alternative supply of fuel for the critically important, to Armenia, Metsamor nuclear power plant.
Armenia is rich in Uranium ore and Russia and Armenia currently enjoy a reasonably harmonious diplomatic relationship and co-operate in several mutually beneficent ways, including the field of nuclear technology. Armenia has, also, fairly good diplomatic relations with many other non-Islamic countries and is, as most of you will already be aware, the oldest Christian country on Earth. Armenia is a country which, and has a people who, have in the past suffered brutally at the hands of Islam (see here and also here) and its ravening hordes of deluded psychopaths.
It seems to me, but those more expert in the analysis of these things than I am may disagree, that this report is just one more sign of what we may expect from an Islamic nuclear power such as Iran seeks to become, or maybe is already! Such a power will meddle with our barely stable world – as Iran is attempting to do here – and will seek to disturb and disrupt existing relationships for its own ends. Its ends, in this case, are obvious. Iran is seeking to offer nuclear fuel to an historic enemy of Islam and hopes thereby to gain the upper hand whilst also, and at the same time, it seeks to secure a ready supply of Uranium ore by tying a small Christian country rich in what Iran needs to its, Iran’s, apron strings. It is a corollary that there must be, that there is also, a hidden agenda behind this move, this unofficial offer transmitted through a Regional Governor.
I’ll leave it your own imaginations to work out just what that hidden agenda must be – after all, you must all know enough about the rabid dog of Islamic supremacism by now. You certainly don’t need me to point out the obvious!
You can find Armenia using this map.
You can find Armavir, the ancient capital of Armenia (dating from about four thousand years ago but the site has been occupied for at least seven thousand years) in this article, which also has a map.
Meanwhile, over at there is this article which seems to be as confused as I am about all this:
The readiness demonstrated by Iran to supply the nuclear power plant which is under construction in Armenia's Armavir city with nuclear fuel once again raises the question concerning the Islamic Republic's nuclear potential. On Sunday the governor of the Iranian West Azerbaijan province Rahim Gurbani said that Iran is ready to export nuclear fuel to neighboring countries and other countries, "Tehran Times" reported.
Perhaps, such a statement is purely propaganda. During a visit to Kazakhstan in early July, the Israeli President Shimon Peres asked his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev not to sell nuclear fuel to Iran. Nazarbayev assured the guests that his country, which has 15 percent of the world's uranium fuel, has not sold and will not sell it to Iran.
During the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman's visit to the Latin American countries last week, the talks also focused on the issue of Iran's nuclear fuel supply.
In response, Iran in every possible way tries to prove that the country has enough nuclear capability and is not dependent on other nations.
Earlier in 2008, the British Foreign Ministry instructed its diplomats in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Brazil to seek a guarantee of officials above the states, that they will not provide Iran with nuclear fuel. According to the last year's reports of "London Times", Iran's nuclear reserves are on the verge of exhaustion. The Press Secretary of the Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a rebuttal of these statements.
There are two uranium mines in Iran. Experts believe the reserves in the Sagand mines in the Yazd and Gachin citird at in the Abbas port [no idea, translate for yourself!] are not enough to ensure even the smallest nuclear power station within ten years. The uranium reserves in the Sagand mine are at 350 meters of depth, and its production is a too complicated procedure. These mines can produce a maximum of 1,400 tons of uranium. In addition, Uranium fuel produced in Iran costs much higher than its value on world markets.
Iran buys 110 tons of fuel from Russia per year for the Bushehr plant which does not yet function. Official Moscow guaranteed a ten-year provision of the plant with fuel. The IAEA's 2008 report states that 70 percent of "Yellow Cake", imported to Iran from South Africa in 1970, was used to produce UF6 (uranium dioxide).
Besides Bushehr, six nuclear power plants will be put into exploitation by 2020, official Tehran said. A total of 200 tons of "Yellow Cake" per year is necessary to supply the Bushehr plant whose capacity is 1,000 MW with fuel. If Iran launches the Ardakan uranium mines, it can produce only 71 tons of the enriched uranium (3.5 percent). In this regard, the possibility of Iran's providing neighboring countries with nuclear fuel causes doubts.
So, it looks like Iran is deliberately trying to subvert Armenia in order to ensure the supplies of yellow cake that it is going to need in order to meet its 2020 target and that its own mines are ‘on the verge of exhaustion’. Something tells me that that is, if the Armenians remember their history, not going to work!
You can find Ardakan using this map.
You can find Bushehr province, on the Persian Gulf, using this map.
You can find Yazd using this map.
You can find Gachin (Baghin) using this map.
If you’ve read this far then you can find the Metsamor Nuclear Plant in Armenia using this map.
If you’re still with me then you can find a lot to worry about, and laugh over, at this site.