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But Enough About Lockerbie And BAE Bribes -- Arabs Buy Tariq Ramadan An Oxford Professorship

The dismal news is here.


Apparently the Saudi subventions that have allowed them to control appointments to Islamic Studies Centers in Durham and Exeter, or to pay for the full-time propagandist-"scholar" John Esposito in Washington, or to pay for King Abdul Aziz Chairs of This-and-That (at the University of Southern California, at the University of Arkansas when Clinton was President), to pay for chairs and programs in Islamic Law at Harvard Law School, to give Georgetown and Harvard Universities $20 million each for what will undoubtedly be projects the Arab Muslm benefactors will approve of, the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies that Kuwaiti and Emirati money pay for, and all the rest, all over the Western world -- apparently that was not enough.

Now the government of Qatar, no doubt enthusiastically endorsed by a great many other Arab Muslm states and potentates, has arranged for a professorship in Islamic Studies, and after an "international search" the very candidate for whom the whole thing was arranged - the colubrine hissing Tariq Ramdadan, a full-time propagandist for The Faith of Islam, and a leader of the effort to smoothly misrepresent Islam in Europe, to soothe the Infidels, to delay the day of recognition, that fatidic date when the civilisation-wide anagnorisis takes place, and Islam is recognized by the people of Western Europe for what it is and always has been -- Ibn Warraq, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ali Sina, Wafa Sultan, Magdi Allam, have been trying and trying and trying to tell you -- and the task that Tariq Ramadan has assumed is that of doing everything he can to hide, to distract, to distort, to sow confusion and perplexity, so that that anagnorisis takes place just a little -- for the non-Muslims of Western Europe -- too late.