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Denmark - virginity tests worry social workers

From The Copenhagen Post
Medical association calls on doctors to stop performing tests to prove virginity of young women
Concerns that an increasing number of young Muslim women are being sent to doctors to prove that they are virgins has social workers and doctors taking steps to help them, reports DR News.
Kristina Abu-Khader Aamand, a social worker and the founder of the website NyMø (New Virginity), said about a third of the 50 or so girls that contacted her each month, asked about virginity examinations.
‘These girls are incredibly afraid of this examination, because many aren’t virgins,’ she said.
The exams are reportedly used by families when seeking a spouse for their daughters.
Aamand said many parents would refuse to allow their son to marry a woman who wasn’t a virgin. Girls that had lost their virginity feared they would be ostracised by their families, she said.
The Danish Medical Association has urged its members not to carry out virginity exams.
I take it that use of the nifty gadget has been rumbled.