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U.N. Diplomat fired for warning of fraud in Afghan election

It is worth listening to the audio of the interview, 4 and a half minutes long.  From National Public Radio:

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon fired the top U.S. official at the U.N. mission in Afghanistan on Wednesday over differences the official, Peter Galbraith, had with his boss over how to deal with charges of fraud in the Afghan presidential election.

A statement issued by Ban's office said the secretary-general had decided to "recall" Galbraith and end his appointment as the U.N.'s deputy special representative to Afghanistan. Galbraith, the former U.S. ambassador to Croatia, was publicly critical of apparent corruption in the Aug. 20 presidential election, and was at odds with his boss, Special Representative Kai Eide, over how the U.N. should have responded to the election.

Preliminary results from the Aug. 20 election show that President Hamid Karzai won a majority, but final results have been delayed by fraud allegations that prompted a partial recount.

Galbraith tells NPR's Robert Siegel that the disagreement with Eide centered on "ghost" polling stations — set up in insecure areas and that could be used to produce votes that were never cast. He says he also disagreed with Eide on sharing U.N. data on fraud with Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission.

Eide, Galbraith says, opposed sharing data, and decided that the U.N. would say nothing about the polling centers after the Afghan government complained about Galbraith's call to close them.

"The dispute was whether the United Nations should do anything about the fraud that took place," Galbraith says.

What principles does the United League of Nations stand for at this point, besides rampant antisemitism, cynical disregard for human rights, and anti-Americanism?  I have said for years that the U.S. should withdraw from participation, withdraw all funding, and withdraw hosting of the offices in NYC.  The headquarters should be moved to more suitable environs;  Damascus, say, or Tehran, Tripoli,  or Kampala.