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Clich? corner

By convention, a politician about to be promoted to high office makes noises about not being worthy.  He has no ambitions in that direction, runs the wording, but if such an opportunity arose he would put personal preference aside and serve his country to the best of his ability. No such false modesty for former Prime Minister and future Emperor of Europe, Tony Blair. From The Times:

Tony Blair will stand for the presidency of the European Union if its leaders agree that the role is a substantial one requiring clout on the world stage, The Times has learnt.

The former Prime Minister would give up his lucrative commercial interests for a job that would allow him to “make a difference” for Europe, friends say.

Greater love hath no man than this, that he give up "a £2.5million-a-year consultancy with the US investment bank JP Morgan, a £2million deal to advise the finance firm Zurich and speaking engagements worth £100,000 a time" in order to "make a difference".

When asked if, as well as making a difference, he would like to "give something back", he was not so keen.