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London and Leeds

Two demos, both alike in dignity, in fair England where we lay our scene.
Thankfully the civil blood didn’t make the civil hands (and not even the uncivil boots) unclean.
First London.
Islam 4 the UK intended to
march through Westminster, past Buckingham palace and Parliament to Trafalgar Square demanding that Sharia law reign supreme in the United Kingdom. Ancillary to this, as reported earlier, Her Majesty the Queen would be disposed and like all other women would only be allowed out of the house wearing a burqua. Trafalgar Square and all other public places would be adapted for Islamic use and football grounds and pubs reformed.
Various groups decided to counter this march for Sharia.
I know that March for England intended to be there from the earliest time that it was announced. The English Defence League were originally going to concentrate on their own long planned event in Leeds but decided later to maintain a presence and intended to assemble at Piccadilly Circus.
As these pictures in the
Daily Mail show other groups who decided to display their disapproval of the tenets of Sharia law were some of the secular democracy organisations and Peter Tachell. I love their posters.
The proposed march through central London was cancelled at short notice. Anjem Choudary claimed there were security concerns claiming that threats had been received and that he had to consider the safety of elderly people and children.
If correct I suppose the poster advertising the event outside the Old Muslim People’s flats in Whitechapel had more appeal than I thought.
The event took place later that afternoon in
Selbourne Walk in Walthamstow East London instead.
As you can see from this clip of Choudary being interviewed the pictures of the surgically enhanced London under Sharia were prominent.

The woman interviewing him said that many Muslims would not definte what he says as true Islam. His reply is that they are not true Muslims. But one day Islam will dominate the whole world.
Islam 4 the UK has held numerous events around the Leyton/Walthamstow area. While the notorious Queen's Road Mosque is a centre for Tablighi Jamaat, Al muhajiroun, of which Islam4the UK is a part seem to operate around the Lea Bridge Road Mosque, where a struggle for power is going on. I don't know if that group's influence has anything to do with the regular spats.
Having had to exchange the Mother of Parliaments for the space outside British Home Stores Choudary is now venting his spleen on Remembrance Day.
The Sunday Express.
As the country prepares for Remembrance Day, the British-born former law student delivered a hate-filled rant insulting the memory of the millions who laid down their lives in the name of freedom.
He said: “We have a different understanding of wars. The wars which are fought for nationalism, tribalism and land, I feel, need to be condemned. When we fight, it’s to please God or to defend our honour, not land. We are not allowed to feel sorry for any non-Muslim nation.
“Those nationalistic wars served no purpose and we cannot praise any of those who were involved in them. Anything that happens to those non-Muslims is a punishment from God. As a Muslim I have to believe they died and went to hell fire.”

Meanwhile in Leeds 900 members (the numbers increase with every event) of the English Defence League assembled in City Square to demonstrate against Islamic extremism while yards away Unite Against Fascism scuffled with the Police who succeeded in keeping them away from the EDL.
See the same article in the Daily Mail above for photos.
The Workers Liberty website is scathing of the UAF for their failure to “reclaim” City Square as promised by UAF leader Weyman Bennett. Young Asian men were apparently keen to march on the square before the police confirmed that the EDL had finished their rally. By the time that the square was empty the UAF supporters had melted away. This failure to march, they say, means that the EDL “were
able to propagate their nationalist, racist views from behind a police line unchallenged.”
Two actions of the West Yorkshire police may have been effective.
According to
the BBC

Police visited mosques in the city on Thursday to urge young people not to get drawn into any disorder.
West Yorkshire Police also sent an e-mail to students in Leeds which said: "Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech and the right to peaceful protest, but people who take this too far and commit unlawful acts can expect to be positively dealt with by West Yorkshire Police.
"Being arrested and gaining a criminal conviction for violence or disorder is likely to have a significant impact on your studies, including potential disciplinary proceedings involving your university, and also affect your career prospects after completing your course."

Four people are due in court on Monday after being arrested during a major police operation to keep apart two rival demonstrations in Leeds.
A 25-year-old woman and three men, aged 22, 30 and 45, were charged with public order offences after Saturday's events. Two men, aged 48 and 19, and a 38-year-old woman, who were all arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause violent disorder and GBH, have been released on police bail pending further inquiries.
So the final score is Anjem Choudary got a jolt, the groupies of the UAF had their cards marked and the EDL got to exercise their right of protest without let or hindrance. I call that a result.