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Deadly blast hits Pakistan city

From the BBC.
At least 20 people have been killed in a suspected suicide bomb attack in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi.
Police told the BBC a bomber blew himself up in the car park of a hotel. More than 40 people were injured, including women and children.
The blast struck a busy area near the army headquarters where security is controlled by the military.
Local TV footage showed ambulances and rescue workers at the scene of Monday's blast.
It took place in the car park of the Shalimar hotel in a busy area of the city, Rawalpindi police chief Aslam Tareen told the BBC.
The blast came as the Pakistani government offered rewards totalling $5m (£3m) for information leading to the capture of three Taliban leaders and 15 of their commanders.
In a front-page advertisement on Pakistan's daily, The News, the largest sum of $600,000 was promised for the capture - dead or alive - of the group's leader Hakimullah Mehsud.
It said his group was involved in acts of terrorism that were causing the death of innocent Muslims on a daily basis.
"These people are definitely killers of humanity and deserve exemplary punishment," read the advertisement.