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Rise in cattle thefts in south ahead of Muslim holiday

From Ynet News
The past two weeks have seen a sharp rise in thefts of cattle and sheep from farms in south Israel ahead of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha.
The Muslim holiday will be celebrated in late November. During Eid al-Adha - Arabic for "the Festival of the Sacrifice" - believers traditionally feast on lamb and beef.
A senior Border Guard officer told Ynet that the scope of cattle thefts by Palestinians this year is unprecedented. "We know that during the holiday they (Muslims) eat as much beef as possible, but it is not clear why cattle thefts are up compared to last year."
During a raid which took place Sunday on the Palestinian village of Idna, located in the South Mount Hebron area, IDF and Border Guard forces found two calves that had been stolen just two days earlier from Moshav Bitzaron.
Three other heads of cattle belonging to the moshav were apparently butchered or sold on the Palestinian market.
The owner of the farm at Bitzaron, Nissim Raiten, said, "These thefts severely harm our livelihood," adding that the Palestinian thieves managed to crawl under the fence surrounding his farm.