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German-born criminal to be deported to Turkey

Another item from the Local.
A German-born Turkish man with a string of criminal convictions can be deported to Turkey, even though he has never lived there and only speaks broken Turkish, a court has ruled.
The legal fight between the city of Munich and the 22-year-old man was decided on by the Bavarian Administrative Court on Friday, which ruled he can be expelled from Germany.
The man could be expected to continue to commit crimes, the judge ruled. And although his deportation is a massive encroachment on his ‘personal, economic and social relationships’, it can be undertaken in the German public interest.
If one EU country can take that line why can't the UK?
The court decided that the man could be deported to Turkey, with the judge noting that he spoke broken Turkish and saying he was not ‘integrated’ into German society.
He assaulted classmates at the age of 11, was later jailed for offences of dishonesty, violence, sexual offences and drug offences, which is pretty comprehensive, failed to co-operate after courses and education in prison and is currently serving a sentence for assault occasioning grievious bodily harm, or the German equivalent. He sounds a delightful asset to a nation. Not.