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Denmark - Ethnic groups wary of Jews

From The Copenhagen Post
New study shows five ethnic groupings in Denmark have negative attitudes towards Jewish people
More than 1500 immigrants from Turkish, Pakistani, Somali, Palestinian and Eastern European backgrounds have been interviewed, along with 300 ethnic Danes, for a study on attitudes towards Jews, reports Kristeligt Dagblad newspaper
Every person involved in the study, which will be published in a book about Denmark and foreigners, was asked three questions about their opinions on different groups in society, not just Jews.
But Jews didn’t fare well.
A third of respondents from non-Danish ethnic backgrounds said one ‘couldn’t be too careful enough in relation to Jews in Denmark’.
Three quarters of the former category said they wouldn’t like to see a family member marry a Danish Jew and 31.9 percent felt there were too many Jews in Denmark. There are about 7000 Jews in Denmark.
Of the Danish respondents, 14.7 percent said they didn’t want a Jew to marry into their family.
‘The study shows that anti-Semitic feelings are not just found in extremist circles. The opinions are far, far more widespread among immigrants than we normally imagine,’ said Professor Peter Nannestad of the Department of Political Science at University of Aarhus, who authored the study.
Chief Rabbi Bent Lexner from the Mosaisk Troessamfund, the religious community for Jews in Denmark, is not surprised by the results of the study.
‘The nice Danish naivety is apparent if you think it isn’t like that because that’s how the situation is.
Four of the five ethnic groups have something in common. Can you guess what it is? I wonder how the opinions of the odd group out compare?
Update, I should have had the sense to link to Norman Berdichevsky's earlier article on the subject - A Monument to Tolerance.