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'Anti-gay' cleric talk cancelled

From The BBC
A London university has cancelled a talk by an Islamic preacher who allegedly endorses killing homosexuals.
Abu Usamah, recorded by Channel 4 saying gay people should be "thrown off a mountain", was due at University College London (UCLU) next week.
A university spokeswoman said: "UCLU has decided to cancel this event due to concerns that the health and safety criteria cannot be met."
Gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell had called the visit "disgraceful".
In 2007, the Channel 4 programme Undercover Mosque recorded Mr Usamah referring to gay people as "dogs". He was also filmed saying: "Do you practise homosexuality with men? Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain."
The preacher has said his comments were taken out of context by the film-makers and that he was explaining it was an opinion featured in some books that he did not support. What, like the Koran?
The Human Rights campaigner Peter Tatchell takes up this theme saying ' The university would never allow a lecture by a white supremacist who used racist abuse and advocated the murder of black people. Why the double standards?"
Nevertheless, the Islamic Society of UCL invites someone who says 'No-one loves the kuffar' That's you and me by the way, 'Not a single person here from the Muslims loves the kuffar ...we hate the kuffar'.
Of course, as a dirty kuffar, I could be making all of this up, as Abu Usamah says, no doubt after deep reflective learned thought 'I don’t believe them, because they are kuffaar, lying is part of their religion'