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Egyptian Cleric Hazem Shuman On Khaybar, And What Is Coming To The Sons Of Apes And Pigs

Needless to say, the remark he attributes to Moshe Dayan -- about the Six-Day War being "revenge for Khaybar" -- is utter nonsense. We know -- do we not all know, by now, all who have been taking the trouble to learn about Islam -- who has Khaybar ever in mind, along with the "agreement" of Hudaibiyya (which the cleric calls a "victory" for Muhammad, and as a feat of deliberate deception and treachery, by Muslim lights, it certainly was), and much else.

A most instructive video, brought to the attention of Infidels by that unrivalled disseminator of  raw material from the Muslim world, MEMRI. .

Watch, and listen, here.