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Italian Minister wants cross on Italian Flag

From Adncronos International. HT Islamonline. (That site is good for something after all!)
A conservative Italian minister from the anti-immigrant Northern League has lauded the decision by Swiss voters to ban minarets and called for the Christian cross to be included on the Italian flag.
"I hope that the party to which I am honoured to belong puts forth my proposal," said Roberto Castelli, deputy minister of infrastructure and transport.
"Europe has the right to safeguard its own identity, respecting other people's roots, but it is necessary to return to our roots," said Castelli. "Once again, the Swiss teach us a lesson in civilisation," concluded Castelli.
Meanwhile, the leader of Italy's Federation of the Greens party Angelo Bonelli, responded ironically to Castelli's demand.
"Deputy minister Castelli wants to put the cross in the flag? So when do we begin a crusade to liberate the holy land?" said Bonelli. The Holy Land is safe with the Israelis so long as Israel is kept safe.
Islamonline has a further comment from Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini.
The proposal by the right-wing minister drew support from Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini.
"Nine European countries already have the crucifix on their flag, it is an extremely common proposition," he said.