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The three brothers accused of killing Tulay Goren are lying, Old Bailey jury told

From The Waltham Forest Guardian. This trial is coming to an end.
THREE brothers accused of killing a teenager in a so-called honour killing are lying to escape jail, a court heard.
Tulay Goren, 15, disappeared from her home in Glastonbury Avenue, Woodford Green, in January 1999.
Police believe the Woodbridge High School pupil was killed because her family disapproved of her relationship with 30-year-old Halil Unal, who follows a different branch of Islam.
The teenager’s father Mehmet Goren, 49, of Navestock Crescent, Woodford Green, and her uncles Ali Goren, of Brettenham Road, Walthamstow and Cuma Goren, of Evesham Avenue, Walthamstow, all deny murder.
At the Old Bailey today, Jonathan Laidlaw, summing up the proscution case, said all three men were lying to try to escape conviction.
He reminded the jury that Tulay's mother had told the court that Ali was the most senior member of the family and fed and clothed Memet's family both in Turkey and the UK, yet Ali denied being involved in Mehmet's family's affairs.
Mr Laidlaw said: “Tulay's involvement with a Sunni Muslim had an impact which extended beyond Mehmet and his family and that is why, we say, there was the involvement of the older brother.”
He went on: “The senior member of the family is responsible for solving the family's honour.”
Mr Laidlaw said of Mehmet's other brother, Cuma: “He either physically assisted and or was consulted about and gave approval to the murder of that child.”