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Its Friday - the Holy Day. We are at the Mosque. What shall we do? Kill!

From The Times- Suicide gunmen kill 35 at Pakistan army mosque
More than 35 people including army officers were killed in Pakistan after three suicide bombers stormed a mosque near a military headquarters during Friday prayers.
The attackers sprayed worshippers with gunfire before blowing themselves up.
The mosque is frequented by military officials in the town of Rawalpindi - the country's army headquarters - and, in theory, is one of the most secure locations in the country.
Others were involved in the attack which left 70 people wounded but it was not yet possible to say how many took part, police said.
The gunmen arrived in a grey Toyota car and then threw grenades and opened fire on the mosque, police and witnesses said.
Two of the militants entered the mosque while others ran into buildings nearby. Security forces exchanged fire with the assailants for an hour before they blew themselves up.
"They were three. They first opened fire and then blew themselves up," Rao Iqbal, Rawalpindi police chief, told Reuters.
Nasir Ali Sheikh, who was going towards the mosque to pray, said: "They were killing people like animals. I couldn’t understand what was happening."