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Two from Switzerland

The spirit of William Tell is stiring.
As my German is very limited I have taken these from English language newspapers.
The Times of Malta and Taiwan News.
Swiss authorities stopped an Islamic preacher at the German border late yesterday to prevent him speaking at a rally against Switzerland's ban on building new minarets, local press reported.
Pierre Vogel, a German national, had been due to attend an Islamic rally in the Swiss capital Berne this afternoon against a ban on the construction of new minarets, which Switzerland voted for two weeks ago in a referendum.
Pierre Vogel intended to speak at a demonstration Saturday afternoon in the Swiss capital Bern that organizers say is in response to a "hate campaign" against Muslims in Switzerland. The German former professional boxer who converted to Islam is known for his conservative positions.
Vogel tried to cross into Switzerland by car near Basel at about 2230 local time (2130 GMT) yesterday but was refused entry and forced to return to Germany, daily newspaper Blick reported.
Local news agency SDA confirmed the report, citing Basel border authority spokesman Markus Zumbach, who said Vogel had been banned from entering the country by the government.
And from
The Canadian Press
GRENCHEN, Switzerland — The mayor of a Swiss town says city workers will stop serving women in full-body veils because it is too difficult to identify them.
Grenchen Mayor Boris Banga says he has decided to ban head-to-toe and face-covering veils after a 19-year-old Muslim woman appeared fully veiled at city hall to register.
Banga said Friday the woman had to come to an extra appointment and lift her veil in front of female staff members in order to be identified, creating extra work.
Grenchen is a town of about 16,000 residents in western Switzerland.
I have found a report in German from the
Berner Zeitung. The woman attended to register as a new resident with her father, a Moroccan, so heavily veiled that even her hands were 'bandaged'.