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Miracle in Karbala - Fresh blood coming out of Rass Al Hussain

For those who celebrate Hannukah or Christmas this time of year, as you drink some eggnog before the burning yule-tide log, and gaze at the presents under the adorned tree, remember that this is a special time of year for Muslims as well, especially Shi'a.  Ashoura (this coming weekend on Dec. 27, 2009) commemorates the beheading of Mohammad's grandson Husayn by rival Muslims loyal to Yazid, and the later death of Husayn's 4-year old daughter in captivity.

So, as a stand-in for jolly old Saint Nicholas, this video has a bloody disembodied head spurting blood from the forehead.  The miracle is how the blood keeps appearing from the indentation on the forehead, even as flags are used to wipe the blood off.  The blood keeps reappearing, miraculously.  If the miracle of spurting blood puts you in the spirit to shout out the shahada or beat yourself (matam) with knife-like chains, do not hesitate or be shy, as remember, all religions are basically the same.