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Help The Planet, Stop Buying Chinese Goods

From a free-trade fundamentalist article here

"The WTO website has a Background Note: Trade and the Environment in the WTO that explains, “…protection and preservation of the environment are recognized as fundamental goals of the organization.” Two fundamental principles govern international trade policy: national treatment and the most favored nation (MFN).

  • National treatment means any policy measure taken by a member should apply in the same way whether the good is imported or produced domestically. Provided they are similar, products imports should not be treated less favorably than domestic goods.
  • The MFN principle means that any trade measure taken by a member should be applied in a non-discriminatory manner across all countries."

This, of course, is unacceptable. There are things more important, many things, than that principle  of "free trade." And Ricardo himself would have seen right through the madness of elevating comparative advantage to an Idol of the Age, not to be questioned for any reason.  The countries that are willing and eager to announce their goals -- in the main, the advanced West  (North America and Europe) have a perfect right, and their citizens a duty, not to buy goods, to boycott goods, even if cheaper, if made in countries that refuse to cooperate in reducing the use of fossil fuels and, still more maddening, successfully block, as at Copenhagen, those advanced Western nations even from announcing their own goals, for fear that that might put pressure on those less eager to comply.

This means, according to all the eyewitnesses, China. Stop buying Chinese goods, promote talk of such a boycott all over the Western world. Not goods from Taiwan iif Taiwan complies.. Goods from China. Put a crimp in the now-dangerously heedless Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere (Chinese Version), that China appears intent on creating, and with something sinisterly implacable and aggressive spirit as animated, seventy years ago, the followers of Kodo in Japan.