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Radical Islamic preachers give speeches at Green Lane Mosque

The Birmingham Mail doesn't sound desperately impressed that the notorious Green Lane Mosque went ahead with this.
RADICAL Islamic preachers have given speeches at a Midland mosque.
The Middle Eastern clerics, who have been ideologically linked to Al Qaida, spoke to Muslims at Birmingham’s Green Lane Mosque.
Sheikh Faisal al-Jassim and Sheikh Abdul Aziz As-Sadhan, were invited to lecture crowds on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, despite preaching hatred against Jews and calling for holy war.
In an online recording, Kuwaiti al-Jassim refers to Jews as “the arch enemies of this great religion,” and asks listeners to “prepare all the weapons we can”.
As-Sadhan describes “the band of Jews” as having “amassed despicable qualities and vile characteristics” and claims they have “defaced mankind.”