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Re: Re: Do animals know they exist?

The Telegraph: Researchers exposed Happy, Maxine and Patty - all adult Asian females at the Bronx Zoo in New York - to a square eight-ft mirror and discovered that they were aware that they were looking at their own reflections.

And in the case of Happy, she also touched a mark on her head which she could not have otherwise seen.

In this way, elephants have joined a small, elite group of species - including humans, great apes and dolphins - that have the ability to recognise themselves in the mirror...

For years many people assumed that because dolphins have such large brains, they must have intelligence on par with humans, but my brother, who is a dolphin expert, tells me they actually use only one half of their brain at a time while they sleep the other half. Obviously, if they went to sleep they way most animals do, they would forget to come up for air.  Dolphins are conscious breathers, unlike humans and other animals who breathe automatically and unconsciously, and so must remain awake in at least half of their brains at a time. File under: interesting bits of animal trivia.