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A fantastic situation

"The bottom line is that American aid is the single most important action the people of the three largest Muslim countries want from the United States," writes Ken Ballen, TFT president, in the report's executive summary. "And here's the key to winning hearts and minds: deeper American assistance directly to the people, following their expressed priorities."-- from this news article

Absolute idiocy. Palpable, obvious, total idiocy.

It is absurd to think that Muslim hearts and minds can be won. They can be rented, not bought, and rented only for the shortest of periods. Meanwhile, the rent -- that is the further transfer of wealth from the Camp of the Infidels to the Camp of Islam -- only helps to pay for mosques, madrasas, world-wide campaigns of Da'wa, armies of Western hirelings who conduct public relations and disinformation efforts on behalf of Saudi Arabia, the Arabs and Muslims more generally, and Islam.

Sixty billion dollars has been given by successive American governments to Egypt. Egypt today has still failed to honor any of its solemn commitments under the Camp David Accords (save for that not to engage in open warfare, a commitment that it keeps for the same reason that Syria does not attack Israel -- because of the likely consequences). Tens of billions have over many decades gone from the American government to Pakistan, a country whose military actively encouraged A. Q. Khan in his theft from Western laboratories of nuclear secrets and his subsequent effort to share those secrets with, inter alia, North Korea and Iran. That same Pakistan was not deterred by Western aid from nurturing the Taliban, and then helping its fighters to take over Afghanistan, giving diplomatic and other kinds of support, nor in today, Janus-faced, continuing to protect or support the Taliban members in Pakistan. The billions sent by European countries and the United States to the "Palestinian" Authority has been used to fill the private coffers of Arafat and then of his widow, and his associates, and to allow them to live in luxury in apartments bought outside the area, and also to the subventions to a dozen different groups of armed men, so-called "security services," all of which are dedicated to attacking Israel in any way they can, whatever jostling for money and power among themselves they may also engage in.

Where is the evidence that more such payments will help, since there is not the slightest evidence that the payment of a disguised Jizyah does anything except encourage Muslim attitudes that this Infidel aid must be given, is given as a duty, and what is even more sinister, the Infidel donors behave as if this is indeed the case -- that they cannot stop such payments for fear of the reaction of the Muslim donees.

This is madness from top to bottom. That some in the government think this way, even for a second, shows how little they comprehend of Islam, of its unambiguous tenets and the natural attitudes that flow from them, in any society suffused with Islam. And the ignorance of so much history, some 1350 years of it, and over such a wide swath of different territories once held by so many different peoples, all of them conquered and subjugated, and forced to endure the status of dhimmi -- up until the last half of the 19th century, when Western power forced a change upon a most reluctant Ottoman Empire, and in Muslim countries today, the reversion to persecution of non-Muslims has everywhere led to a great reduction in their numbers -- in the Arab countries (both Jews and Christians have left), and in Pakistan and Bangladesh (where it is primarily Hindus whose percentage of the population has gone down to about a fifth, in Bangladesh, and a tenth, in Pakistan, of what it was at Partition). Then there is the slow demographic conquest of Malaysia, where Muslims now lord it over HIndus and Chinese, and force the local indigenous tribes to accept Islam wherever possible. And the persecution of Christians in the Moluccas, and East Timor, and of Hindus in all the islands where they continue to live except, possibly, Bali, and sometimes even there, shows that even in supposedly "moderate" Indonesia the mistreatment of non-Muslims continues.

It is not right that those whose ignorance explains their policy prescriptions should be listened to with respect, should be listened to at all. They have no right to make the rest of us, to make the entire Western world, suffer because they cannot spare the time, or lack the intelligence, to study and to comprehend Islam as a total system.

They should be mocked out of whatever offices, and whatever power or unearned authority, they may currently be said to possess.

Muslim states are not and cannot be our friends. Every once in a while their interests, and ours, may superficially coincide. Saudi Arabia wished the Soviet Army to be defeated in Afghanistan, and so did the United States. But each had reasons completely different from the other. Saudi Arabia wanted the Soviet Army defeated because it was an army of Infidels. The United States wanted the Soviet Army defeated because it was the military force of the Soviet Union, the most powerful Communist power. The American government was against the totalitarianism that Communist power in the Soviet Union embodied. The Saudi government had no objection at all to totalitarian belief-systems as long as those belief-systems consist of Islam, Islam, Islam -- it was merely Infidel Russia, or its avatar the Soviet Union, that was the enemy, that had to be defeated. After that defeat, the Americans paid little attention to the rise of the deplorable Taliban, which finally they saw, too late, as a threat to the liberal democracies of the West. Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, saw nothing wrong with the Taliban and indeed recognized the Taliban regime (aside from Saudi Arabia, only the U.A.E. and Pakistan did so).

We don't need to win them over. We need to diminish their power, especially their financial power, and to exploit the natural fissures, sectarian and ethnic and economic, that already exist, and permanently, within the Camp of Islam. That this is not discussed, that this is not even considered, astounds. No one in the history of warfare has ever decided to abjure playing upon the weaknesses of the enemy.

But, of course, the "enemy" has not been identified correctly. In the lemming atmosphere of official Washington, or of the chanceries of the West, the "enemy" is "terror" and the fight is that "war on terror" of which we have heard quite enough.

That's it. Constrain Islam. It won't change, or it won't change for a hundred years if ever. How could it? The canonical texts are immutable. The Qur'an is the uncreated word of God. Nothing can be changed. The hadith cannot be rewritten or assigned new ranks of authenticity, not after more than a thousand years of authority cling to Bukhari and Muslim. The figure of Muhammad cannot be changed, the details of his life that Muslims find so inspiring cannot be changed.

Why is this so hard to comprehend? It is so hard because the difficulties it suggests are just beyond the wit and imagination of so many to begin to think of ways of dealing with, that they prefer to pretend that the problem isn't there, to wish or deny it away. It is possibly the most fantastic situation in the history of conflict, possibly the most threatening situation in the entire history of the West.

Who will come to his senses? How many? And when?