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Solana et al

Hamas wants to "liberate the Palestinians," not to destroy Israel, Javier Solana, the European Union's foreign policy chief, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.  - from this news item

Solana, Patten, Mary Robinson, Miguel Moratinos, Prodi in his previous EU incarnation -- they are the very worst that European political life produces, and of course they end up in, and rise high within, the bureacracy of the E.U., a project that entails minimizing or even effacing differences among nation-states, by minimizing or even effacing in some casees nationalist loyalties, national languages, literatures, and histories. A monstrous idea, monstrously implemented.

Solana is at the top of the list. He is stupid. His stupidity, or certitude about things he does not know and about which he does not wish to know -- he's rather bet the entire future of the West on his expressed need to "hope" -- is of the kind impervious to new information, impervious to reason working on that new information. This kind of stupidity grades by degrees into cruelty and evil. That is the kind Solana possesses, or that oppresses Solana. And it is the same with many of the other E.U. and U.N. bureaucrats, present or past, listed above.