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Best Halloween news ever

Noted just now at the NY Sun:

Anti-Bush Activist in Osama Bin Laden Halloween Costume

"The lawyer who divulged President Bush's drunken-driving arrest days before the 2000 election was arrested Tuesday after he was spotted on a highway overpass wearing an Osama bin Laden Halloween costume and holding a toy gun," the AP reports.

Tom Connolly, 49, was charged with criminal threatening, a misdemeanor, and was released after posting $500 bail. He said he intends to plead not guilty. "There was a First Amendment this morning when I woke up. I don't know how it evaporated with the dawn," Connolly, an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for governor in 1998, told reporters after his release. Police said the costume included plastic dynamite, grenades, and a replica of an AK-47 assault rifle.

"The whole thing is just incredibly bizarre," said Police Chief Ed Googins. "It just crossed the line." The chief said there was no way to tell from a distance if the gun was real or fake.

Connolly also was carrying a sign that said "I love TABOR," a reference to the Taxpayer Bill of Rights on the Maine ballot, but at least one person who saw it thought it said "I love the Taliban," Googins said.

Comments Daniel Freedman:

Does the First Amendment include the right to call fire in a crowded threater? Don't think so.

What does seem clear from this episode is where his sympathizes lie and why he wanted Bush to lose the election.

As for my opinion, I applaud Mr. Googins.  I wish more folk would dress more in character.  't'would make things so much simpler.