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The cartoon controversy was finally covered in the New Duranty Times this morning, but I couldn't help but notice the cartoons themselves were stangely absent from the coverage.

Hugh Fitzgerald writes the following over at JW, which I will blog for him here, since he hasn't found his way off that well trodden path as yet.

Rami Lakah acquired a majority interest in the dying France-Soir only in October 2004. He is a louche character indeed - on the lam from Egypt, the owner of "Star Airlines," and who knows for whom he is fronting, or the real source of his money. You know what the phrase "Middle Eastern businessman" means.

Jacques Lefranc bears a name out of a morality tale. He not only printed the cartoons, but wrote a good editorial. A foreigner, a Middle Easterner (a Copt, it appears) used to doing the bidding of Muslims, and perhaps even a front man for Muslim money, has fired him. He needs a job. Someone should give him one that he now merits. And the next time there is one of those prizes handed out for Press Freedom, make sure he gets one, and Carsten Juste of Jyllens-Posten, and all the others, otherwise such prizes will lose all meaning.

Waiting for Le Monde to cover the story appropriately, and to show the cartoons, both the 12 actually published by the Danish newspaper, and the 3 forged by Danish Muslims attempting to whip up even more hysteria among the hysterical Muslim mobs and governments of the Middle East (and beyond).

If Le Monde cannot do this, given its atrocious record of covering, or not covering, the world of Islam -- think only of the malevolent, lying Eric Rouleau, a kind of Robert Fisk in his consistent hatred of Israel and stout defense of the PLO and Muslim Arabs, rewarded for his pains by being lifted out of mere journalism to become Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and now back in Paris, still spouting his venom and his misinformation. And think of Peroncel-Hugoz, the best reporter on the Middle East Le Monde ever had, quickly transferred to inconsequential matters (reports from the Algarve, that sort of thing) just as soon as his book "Le radeau de Mahomet" appeared, and it was clear that he was unfoolable.

Perhaps Yvan Rioufol will discuss the matter in Le Figaro. Or others, including those at and This is how the French must communicate nowadays and learn the truth about what is happening in their own countyr, and about what Muslims have done or are doing in France-- through a quasi-surreptitious source, these and other websites, always subject to being put out of business.

And what does that make you think of? The German Occupation. There is a Muslim Occupation in France and elsewhere in Western Europe. It can be handled, at the moment, but not forever. It has to be contained, undone, reversed. And it will happen, because the behavior and acts of Muslims themselves will finally, despite every effort of the Rouleaus and Lakahs and D. de V.'s and Chiracs of this world, cause a break, a final understanding of what Islam is all about, and what the immutable texts of Islam tell Believers to believe