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It has dawned on the open borders people that just going on TV and saying "National borders? Who needs 'em?" is a colossal vote loser. They are now learning nuance. All those catch-phrases we have come to know and love --"Jobs Americans won't do," "Family values don't end at the Rio Grande," "Nation of immigrants," etc., etc.--are being massaged and sweetened for better acceptability.

Case in point: Open-borders proponent Tamar Jacoby in America's Newspaper of Record yesterday morning: "We need foreign workers to keep the economy growing by doing jobs that more and more Americans are too qualified to do."

So it's no longer "jobs Americans won't do," a phrase that, folk like Jacoby discovered to their stunned astonishment, is mighty offensive to the millions of Americans who do, in fact, do these jobs, and support their families with them. Now it's "jobs Americans are too qualified to do." We are so smart, you see, and our education system so wonderful, we'd all much rather retire into our studies and read Herodotus than go mow the lawn. So from insulting Americans, the open borders crowd have switched to flattering us. Will it work? My guess is not; but look out for much, much more of this sleight of hand.