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"We have enough criminals of our own" says Marsha Singh MP for Bradford West

One of the most important issues in the UK this last few weeks has been the revelation that over a  thousand foreign criminals, scheduled for deportation after their sentences were served have been "lost" into the community.  They include murders, rapists and paedophiles and the Home Office is currently trying to track the most dangerous down and discover what further crimes they have committed since.  Charlie the safety elephant takes full resposibility but does not feel it merits his resignation.

Rashid Musa  and Indrit Krasniqi both committed particularly vicious murders when they should have been elsewhere.

Another criminal who was not actually deported as recommended was Mustaf Jamma  who was not returned to Somalia because it was felt that he would not be safe there.  He is now at large and wanted for the murder of Bradford Police woman  Sharon Beshenivsky.  She was shot during a robbery at a local travel agent.  Money deposited by local Muslims to pay for their haj to Mecca was stolen by a gang who may have been raising funds for jihad. I can't prove it, of course, but that's my opinion on the matter.

Her colleagues are angry, and so is the local MP. Marsha Singh says "This is a huge, huge embarrassment and the British public will not put up with it. "We have enough criminals of our own. Foreign nationals who commit crimes in this country should not be allowed to stay in this country."

He is a Sikh so let us hope that he is listened to where another MP might be dismissed as racist.  He is in an interesting situation.  According to operation Black Vote his being a Sikh in a constituency with a large Muslim population is considered to be one of the reasons the labour majority was reduced there in the last election. Whatever I agree with what he said today.