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Close Scrutiny, or Does Everybody Love Raymond?

The New York Sun newspaper reported Thursday that Raymond Close, an expert advising the committee, is in favor of engaging Iran and Syria .

"Close, who retired from the CIA in 1977, and has been doing business in Saudi Arabia since his retirement, expects the report to recommend that Israel be pressured to make concessions.

A memorandum sent to expert advisors Close says that the commission is likely to advice the Bush administration holds a summit, which will include Israel, "to enlist the support of neighboring states in establishing stability in Iraq," the New York Sun reported.

Israel might have to give up Golan

Close said that Israel's participation in the summit is crucial as it will give the US the only leverage to enlist the support of Iran and Syria in helping to curb violence in Iraq."-- from a reader

Ah yes.

Longtime no see.

I wondered about Raymond Close. He should be the subject of Congressional and journalistic investigation. His entire career should be carefully scrutinized by investigators -- for it is scandalous, from the very moment that he "retired" early in 1977 from being C.I.A. station chief in Riyadh in order to go into business with two Saudis, to his subsequent years in up to his neck in the B.C.C.I. scandal, and then as an "international business consultant" (and just who was in charge of the Stimson Fellows Program at Yale who allowed someone like Raymond Close to be named a Fellow?) has for decades been giving lectures and publishing Op/Ed articles as a supposed "expert" on the Middle East, and presenting his "American-national-interest-only" views, his ostentatiously "disinterested" views (anyone investigate whose checks, directly or indirectly, Mr. Raymmond Close has been cashing, as he cashed in so well on every aspect of his Saudi connection?).

Oh, Raymond Close deserves close scrutiny and should have recevied it  -- should have been on the receiving end of it -- from the 9-11 Commission whose co-head, Lee Hamilton, now serves with James Baker as co-head of the Iraq Study Group.

And where, you might ask, is Raymond Close today, the Raymond Close  whom perhaps you now think should be seen as a shill for the Wahhabis of Saudi Arabia, and hence a traitor to Infidels?

Well, he, Raymond Close, is now an "expert" for that very same Iraq Study Group.

Care to protest? Care to write letters? Care to howl with fury?

(Google, to learn more, "Jihad Watch" and "Posted by Hugh" and "Raymond Close." Be patient as you go through the many dozens of hits. At least one or two will be a real hit, a palpable hit.)