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The changing face of Molly Campbell

Molly Campbell is supposed to return to her mother in Scotland.  Has anybody else noticed the change in the child's appearance this last 3 months?

Here she is with her mother prior to her enticement  from her mothers home to her rich daddy in Pakistan. 


Here she is in Pakistan shortly after she arrived, pretty in pink, in a shalwar kameeze with a gauzy scarf, worn as an accessory. She and her sister match very nicely.     

And here she is today, jilbabed, head down, walking behind her father.   Misbah/Molly           Image: Court victory for <b>Misbah</b>'s mother

Dad didn't impress the Judge in Pakistan one little bit by all accounts.  This report in The Times  "In this regard, I have examined and interviewed the child in my chambers," wrote Judge Nisar. "Though she said she wants to live in Pakistan, in my view the reason given by her that she has been prevented by the petitioner (her mother) from leading her life according to Islamic virtue seems to me to have been tutored as at present she is under the influence of the respondent (her father)." He continued: "I’m constrained to hold in this case that the respondent has not been an upright, fair and honest man. He has removed the child and is guilty of showing disrespect and violating court orders, which is tantamount to fraud. And thus he cannot be allowed to have the benefit of such fraud."

So she did get to give her view, contrary to what her father said yesterday, and to the concern of a reader here.  I will be happier when I see a photo of her back on her bicycle in Stornoway.