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Dozy bint of the week

Yvonne Roberts at The Guardian should not be confused with Yvonne Ridley. They are both dozy bints with no appreciation of the the West's unique and unprecedented respect for women. But only one of them wears a tent. Yvonne Roberts believes that a twelve-year-old girl has all the knowledge and independence she needs to make an objective assessment of Islam, under which women can never be equal:

Whatever the reasons for Misbah wishing to stay - and, contrary to some prejudices, an affluent life in relatively liberal Lahore may have more plusses than living with an allegedly prickly step-father in
Stornaway - Misbah's mother, Louise Campbell, has the
law on her side....

In Pakistan as in Stornaway and Stambrook, families vary in their levels of education, affluence and religious commitment. Misbah might actually feel happier - as do many children - in a family that does not contain the complicated dynamics that sometimes comes with the arrival of a step-parent.

What if her father, who has been treating her like a princess while her future was uncertain, decided to take a second wife her own age? Or to marry her off to a cousin his own age?

Dozy bints like Yvonne R and Yvonne R should shut up and go back to the kitchen.