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a joint operation to stamp out smoking once and for all

I like this.

Smokers at a Dorset police station have been pausing before lighting up since a family of blue tits took up residence in their cigarette butts bin.

Two adult birds and about 10 eggs are nestled in a metal bin attached to a wall outside Dorchester Policing Unit.

Sgt Dave StThe cigarette stub boxroud said: "It's incredible. There are two adult birds and about 10 eggs. I suppose you could say it's a joint operation to stamp out smoking once and for all."

PC Dave Bird, wildlife officer, said: "All wild birds are protected in this country, especially during the nesting period. While they are building their nest, while the nest is in use and until all the birds leave the nest - probably in June or July - everything is being done to prevent them from flying the nest and leaving the eggs.

"We have put tape up, coned the area off and put a notice up warning people that there are birds nesting in the bin.

"The last thing the birds want is to be disturbed by lots of nosy police officers."

PC Dave Bird, wildlife couldn't make that one up.