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The BBC and The Telegraph - compare and contrast.

Now here's a funny thing.

The Intelligence and Security Committee Report into the London Terrorist Attacks on 7 July 2005 is public today.  The original BBC report said that no blame could be attached to any body for the failure to stop the terrorist murders of 52 Londoners on 7 July last year. Emphasis was made of the fact that the group were working alone, using simple materials purchased locally and plans available on the internet. Brief mention was made of the lack of resources available to track the group leader who was known to the security services which I thought deserved greater emphasis..

The Telegraph had no doubts.

The July 7 London bombings may have been prevented had more resources been made available sooner, an official report into the circumstances leading to the attacks has claimed.

The story of what was known about the July 7 group prior to July indicates that if more resources had been in place sooner the chances of preventing the July attacks could have increased," the report said.

"Greater coverage in Pakistan, or more resources generally in the UK, might have alerted the agencies to the intentions of the July 7 group."

The committee also recommended a more transparent threat level and alert system and warned that there would be an "inevitable" rise in intrusive activity by security services in the face of the terror threat.

Mohammed Sidique Khan, the ringleader of the four suicide bombers who carried out the attacks on London's public transport system, was not fully investigated despite being known to security officials, the report said.

A bit of a contrast I thought. And in the time it took me to call up a blank page and draft a heading the BBC has changed it's tune.  That page now reads:-

Resourcing blamed over July bombs. A lack of resources prevented security services from intercepting the 7 July London bombers, a report has claimed.

Two of the bombers were known to security officers, but the threat they posed was not realised.

However, it was "understandable" the security services had not investigated the pair more fully, the committee of MPs concluded.

So this article should really read BBC hurries to change tune.

The leading comments on the BBCs Have Your Say are interesting. As we cannot be sure how long they will be allowed to remain I will copy them here. At 12.30 lunchtime, UK time this is a sample.

Anybody wanting to say that July 7 could have been avoided by not invading Iraq, consider that these terrorists will always have some excuse. If it's not Iraq, then it's Afghanistan. If not Afghanistan, then Israel & Palestine. If not Israel & Palestine, then the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia. If not troops in Saudi Arabia, then the dismemberment of the Ottoman Empire after 1918. If not the the Ottoman Empire, then the expulsion of the Moors from Spain in the fifteenth century....

 Martin 1983 London Recommended by 63 people

To those who blame it on Iraq, a similar attack on the Paris Metro has since been thwarted - how many French troops in Iraq? Extremists will always find an excuse. There were Muslim extremists recruiting from within my school 25 years ago, the NF wouldn't have been given the same freedom. Years of tolerance bordering on criminal indifference have breed this disease into our society, it's 3rd generation now, therefore we will simply not be able to eradicate it. Thank-you bleeding heart liberals.

Steve Lee, London Recommended by 63 people

No way could they have been avoided when you've got commited terrorists out there, we should already know this from the days of the IRA.

Although Iraq was a catastrophic mistake we can't keep using this as an excuse for jihadists wanting to cause mayhem at home. It's not our foreign policy in general that's wrong it's our appeasement policy to Islamists on our own turf that's wrong. Recent events like the cartoon row show this all to well.

Terence Mcann London, United Kingdom Recommended by 42 people (my emphasis)

why weren't these "young muslims" upset about Saddam Hussein nerve-gassing their brother Muslems in Kurdistan? Or starving them in the southern marshes of Iraq? Looks like a double standard to me. I agree with those who say that the terrorists will use any excuse to justify their attacks.

Guy Hammond St Albans, United Kingdom Recommended by 29 people