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From a Soomaali website:

"Aren't we all the citizens of Soomaaliya, and enjoy the benefits and luxury of living anywhere in Soomaaliya, without worrying about deportation. God. And I thought I could live even in Soomaali Galbeed or in NFD peacefully and without any worry about who I am or any tarxiil {even from Kenya or Itoobiya authorities}. But now, I don't think so.

Another question of mine; say I visited to Burco or Berbera, would I be deported without me having a proper document? I mean, I am Soomaali, my blood says so. So is my skin. A further question: Say a person who hails from one of the major tribes in that region, but was born and raised in some other city in the deep South. But that person went back to that region, will that person immediately considered as a citizen of that specific region because of only of his/her qabiil? Again in a same situation, but slightly reversed: A person was born in Hargeysa, but that person do not belong any main clans in that region. What would his/her status be? Deported as well????

Well, this is something new to me then, honestly speaking.

Don't get started any REGIONAL POLITICS in here. We all do know that, even as the name clearly says SOOMAALI-land. That is my land too. I am as Soomaali as any other one. So is it my land. What I really mean, though, is that even if that supposedly separate region, won't they allow ANY Soomaalis to live in there? Without any restraint or any qabiil linked. Oooh, it is another complete sovereign nation that has its own constitution. My bad. I didn't realize this then. I will check the United Nations' list of the world's countries, 'cause the last time I checked I hadn't seen a country named Soomaali-something on it.

Heey, Soomaali-landers {or as the old folks used to call Soomaalileen}, don't get offended. I am kidding, of course. I just love EVERYWHERE Soomaalis live and co-exist. Nothing else. And where they prosper is really something that makes me proud. So whether in the North or South, or West or East, I am proud of the ENTIRE BANNER UNDER THE FIVE STAR NATION OF SOOMAALIYA! or Soomaali-land."

The author blogs from -- Dublin.

Is he Irish as well as Soomaali? If, as he puts it, "SOOMAALI-land. That is my land too. I am as Soomaali as any other one. So is it my land" one wishes to know if he has managed to obtain Irish or other Western citizenship. His interest, his heart, his loyalty all seem to be directed to Soomaalileen, Land of the Somalis.

One wonders what the Irish naturalization service makes of all this. Or does it make nothing of all this, because it is exactly like the British, the Canadian, the American bureacrats each in their own inhibited version of the INS, those Western bureaucrats all pretending not to see, for they are confused, and don't quite know what to do, confused and lonely and afraid, in a world they never made.