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Piazza San Silvestro

Suppose you are looking for a very expensive  book in Italian, an art book, or a book about the monuments of Rome, or a book of proverbs in both Italian and Russian that has been out-of-print for a decade. Let's be even more specific. Let's say you are looking for Paola della Pergola's work on the Villa Borghese, or possibly D'Onofrio's huge volume "Obelischi di Roma," one of those magnificent works that could only have been published because it was underwritten by an Italian bank, sometime in the heady late 1960s or 1970s, for Italian banks are maecenases supporting such works still, though  not quite as readily or expensively as before,  and of which only 2000 copies were printed, and you, like an idiot, didn't buy one at the time.

Well, you might still find such a volume at a bookstore in Rome right on Piazza San Silvestro. Not a dusty alfarrabista carrying all kinds of used books.  No, these are all  books,that have never been bought, but somehow remained in a warehouse or in a store, or perhaps at this very special bookstore on the Piazza San Silvestro, ready to be found by you even though all other copies have been bought up and the only ones you can find are used, even gently used copies "like new," at bookshops where they are priced far beyond your range.

Piazza San Silvestro.

There must be some reason why I'm taking note right now of Piazza San Silvestro. But I forget what it is.