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tragic child

A 14-year-old Pakistani girl who was shot five times and left in a roadside ditch has died following an abdominal infection, doctors say.

Noor Jehan was allegedly shot by relatives after being declared guilty of adultery under an ancient tribal tradition in southern Pakistan.

Noor was shot in both legs, the left arm and the stomach before being dumped in the ditch.

Doctors at the government-run Jinnah Hospital in Karachi said initially her condition was stable.

But they say she developed complications in the last few days and succumbed to her injuries.

Last month the teenager regained consciousness in hospital and told the BBC News website her cousins had tried to kill her after her father had refused to let her be married to one of them.

And how does that possibly constitute adultery?

Noor's body has now been moved to the morgue of a charitable association, the Edhi Foundation, where sources say no one has arrived to claim it.

Police say they have been unable to trace her parents.

Too frightened? Or are they dead too?  With family like those cousins who needs enemies!