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Over the moon? No, ekoo yareni!

From The Scotsman.

Sick as a parrot or over the moon? For fans who want to express their emotions to foreigners during next month's World Cup in Germany, a new guide might be able to help.

It may not be widely known, for example, that the national dish of participating nation Ecuador is roast Guinea Pig or that brandy is the top tipple in Angola, but the free booklet from travel agent Thomas Cook puts those information deficiencies to rights.

Actually I did know that.  I remember seeing a picture of the interior of a church somewhere in the Andes where a local artist had painted a mural of The Last Supper. Surrounded by his disciples Christ was about to carve a roast Guinea Pig on a platter, flanked by a basket of bread and a flagon of wine. 

Fans hearing "rozhodci nestaci!" during a match involving the Czech team will be able to understand that it means "you've lost the plot ref!", while the Ghanaian term "ekoo yareni" translates as the well-known phrase "sick as a parrot."

Who's a pretty boy then?

But if favourite Brazil captures the Cup again there may be no need to look up a translation for "sobre a lua" because it will be self-evident that the team and its fans are "over the moon".