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Eccentric, Possibly Unhinged Woman Admits She Has Not Read The Da Vinci Code

Puerto Rico Celebrates Dependence Day

Law Professor Sale Says Enron Verdict Sends Warning

"Osama" Popular Google Search Word in "Certain Parts" of UK

Okay, the first two are intentionally ironic, their stories fictional.  The third is the product of what must be the dullest univesity PR department in the world. (hat tip: Best of the Web).  The last is a nice culling from a "straight" newspaper filler-type story, via Islam: The Religion of Peace

That site's "photo of the week" runs a of picture of the body of slain Dutch filmaker Theo Van Gogh next to a portrait of his murderer.  They caption it thusly:

Just who do you have to kill to get into the Dutch parliament these days?  Ayaan Hirsi Ali was an elected member until she spoke out against the abuse of women under Islamic law and was stripped of her citizenship and virtually evicted from the country.  The Muslim extremist who murdered filmmaker Theo Van Gogh, on the other hand, enjoys catered meals, full voting privileges, and the right to run for parliament.

And that's about all the irony I can handle--for now.