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Less Talk, More Rock

Looks like we're not the only ones battling shrinking attention spans and the excesses of "casual Friday." From the Khaleej Times: "Smarten up and keep it short, minister tells Egyptian imams"

CAIRO - Egypt’s Islamic endowments has [sic] advised the prayer leaders of mosques to smarten up their appearance and shorten their sermons so as not to bore the faithful, newspapers reported on Tuesday.

“How can you people tell you apart from plumbers and carpenters if you don’t wear the (religious) costume of the Al Azhar (institute), which gives prestige and renown?” asked Mahmud Hamdi Zaqzouq, quoted in Al Masri Al Youm.

Speaking to a delegation of 200 imams from across Egypt, the minister said the dress sense of many prayer leaders left much to be desired, singling out the worst offence as wearing babouche, or Turkish-slippers.

Imam Blackwell has spoken, but, no word about the content of the sermons, as long as they're short.