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V S Naipaul

Luke, in the comments to my post on diversity, has this to say:

The right-on literary establishment's treatment of VS Naipaul is nothing short of a philistine disgrace.

Never mind his more 'controversial' later books.

'A House for Mr Biswas' is one of the greatest post-war English language novels and knocks most British black / Asian writers into irrelevance. Monica Ali's Brick Lane owes a large debt to A House for Mr Biswas. Although it is, as these things always are, inferior.

Never mind The Enigma of Arrival or any of Naipaul's amazingly prescient works on Islam, books that identified, examined and dissected all that is happening in our world today over 25 years ago (Among the Believers came out in the early 1980's, and 'Beyond Belief', an even more vital work focussing on how Islam is little more than Arab imperialism, was published in the late 1990's.)