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An unaccountable mess by unaccountable people

From the Telegraph. I'll cut to the chase, this paragraph way down the article according with my experience after 29 years in the department of Light Bulb Changers as it does.

There have been third-rate administrations before, packed with ministers of little ability or experience: but then the country could count on two factors to safeguard its interests. First, there was a "Rolls-Royce" Civil Service that could take over in times of trouble and ensure the business of government was carried on effectively and responsibly. And second, there was a constitutional understanding that accountability was clear, and the trail ended on the desk of the minister in charge of the department concerned.

Yet Labour has destroyed both these safeguards. Without a mandate to do so, or any consultation, it has politicised the Civil Service, by putting into it its own political appointees. The net of recruits to the Civil Service has been widened, ostensibly to make it more "inclusive", but in fact to provide better access to Labour's otherwise unqualified and unsuitable clients. This, and a blame culture, has demoralised many existing staff and forced countless others out.

Inclusive, aka "diversity" my Aunt Fanny.  I am used to not hearing much English spoken around me when I am travelling to work.  If I do hear English the speaker is likely to be a middle aged black person of West Indian heritage.  When I arrive at work I am starting to get nervous about the many languages I hear in the office lift and in the canteen queue.