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He's a lovely boy really.

From the Telegraph.  We were all teenagers once, although the worst I ever did was set light to my mother's jumper. (A 60s effort of orange knitted crimpline, which I left too close to the electric fire to air, an essential task after ironing) The stench of burnt crimpline is not pleasant.

A teenager left at home while his parents were on holiday decided to do some washing - and ended up blowing the roof off and causing £35,000 of damage.

In a freak string of mishaps, Sean Davey, 18, left a washing basket full of clothes on top of the electric cooker. He then accidentally knocked one of the hob controls, turning on one of the rings, before going out to meet friends.

The heated ring set fire to the basket of clothes which, in turn, heated a nearby bag of shopping that his sister Nicky, 20, had left for her brother earlier in the day.

And that caused a can of Sure deodorant to explode with such force that it not only blew out windows but cracked a wall and even, briefly, lifted the roof off the bungalow.

Three fire crews tackled the blaze in the home at Caister-on-Sea near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, on Sunday evening. Firemen rescued one of the family's labrador dogs while the other one escaped of his own accord and reappeared, somewhat shaken, eight hours later.

"Sean phoned me and said: 'Mum, the house is on fire.' I have forgiven him because it was just one of those unfortunate accidents. I am just grateful that he and the dogs are alive and well," said Mrs Bray. "It is just ironic that the fire was started by the electric hob because Sean didn't actually cook anything while we were away - he survived on microwave meals and takeaways."


Not actually the brand in question, but aptly named.  I wonder if he listens to The Prodigy?