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Cartoon demo 'encouraged terror'
I didn’t get a chance to post this from the BBC yesterday.
The real purpose of a protest against cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed was to encourage terrorism, a court has heard.
Alleged protest organiser Abdul Muhid urged people to commit "terrorist killing", the Old Bailey was told.  The court heard Mr Muhid led the crowd chanting "bomb, bomb the UK" and produced placards with slogans.  . .  that at the London protest the slogans included "annihilate those who insult Islam", "fantastic four are on their way" and "3/11 is on its way".
The latter two referred to terrorist attacks in London and Madrid, the jury heard.
David Perry QC, prosecuting, said: "The drawings of the Prophet had not appeared in any UK newspaper.  This was supposed to be a demonstration against the publication of the drawings in the newspapers abroad.  This behaviour shows what the demonstration was really about. It was an exhortation, an encouragement to terrorism."
Mr Perry added that the slogans were designed to "intimidate and frighten and also encourage terrorist killing.  That is what the prosecution case is, that this defendant was in fact exhorting people to terrorist killing," he said.
The jury was told that Mr Muhid took part in the burning of a Danish flag which had been soaked in an accelerant. (that explains why it went up so easily. and is evidence of a premeditated activity, rather than a spontaneous one)There were no arrests during the protest, but instead police took video recordings to decide on evidence of any criminal offences.  (after prompting by MPs and members of the public)
Video footage seized from the mosque showed Mr Muhid carrying placards into the building courtyard, Mr Perry said.  
Had they made arrests on the spot they would have been able to arrest the veiled woman the BBC filmed making the placards. Video identification would not hold up  weeks later, which is one of the reasons she was veiled, of course.  To alter the old joke,  Police are looking for a brown eyed woman who can’t spell.