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Hooked on Hamza

Abu Hamza, aka Captain Hook, didn't always look like this:

According to Valerie Fleming, his ex wife and therefore the woman responsible for his being granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK, he used to be a bit of a looker. From The Times:

"26 years ago Valerie Fleming fell in love with a handsome, romantic young Egyptian.....a romantic, gentle, 22-year-old Westernised student......He was a romantic man, quite tender, and soft spoken.....She turned him down because she had noticed that he attracted a lot of female attention. ...“My answer was ‘no’ because there were a lot of women around him. There was one woman called Tracy who fancied him and she kept trying to get in the way. She was determined to get him. She would always come over and keep him company,” ..... “There were women after him all the time. You would see them hanging around the lobby of the hotel”

Perhaps, in a reverse of the Oscar Wilde story, he has a picture of himself in the attic looking gorgeous.

Mind you, to judge from the article, Valerie is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Perhaps her eyesight is defective too.

Incidentally, "hamza" is Arabic for "glottal stop". He certainly uses plenty of those, just like your average Cockney, but this didn't give him enough streed cred with the jury to get him off the hook. Guil'y, mate. You're going dahhn.

Update: talking of drawers, according to the London Evening Standard, shortly after Valerie and Hooky first met, at the hostel where she worked, he "kissed her in the kitchen area". This recalls Jack Lemmon's indignant Daphne in "Some Like it Hot" complaining that she had been "pinched in the elevator".